The blue-haired mermaid is a multi-talented, reserved and, in a very satisfying way, eccentric young woman. Nina’s poetry talks of sincere love and is abundant in blooming imagery. Throughout all of her work she likes to express vulnerability and the delicacy of human bones and hearts. Besides love and death, Nina likes to delve deep into the structures of  sadness. She managed to transform her own sadness into beautiful writings and drawings: “Instead of letting depression pull me down I now look for inspiration in it. It is there as a guide to something bigger; to creation and beauty.”

Nina is currently studying graphic design at the European University in Nicosia. Alongside poetry and painting, she considers photography to be an important part of her craft. Her self-portraits are beautifully uncanny, filled with silent screams and poetic suffering. Mysterious substances dripping onto body parts and blooming flowers on top of sinister backgrounds. In each photo the artist presents a different persona and this helps her to express her deepest emotions. With her Photoshop and digital skills she manages to create her own, unique style of photogenic expression. “I am aware that some of my work is controversial. People get very judgmental with that. But I like using controversy. I work with my own body and my face and they are interlaced with my creativity. In that case I don’t understand the necessity of being judgmental.”

Each art form that she engages in puts her in a meditative state and eventually takes her into a realm of pure awareness.

Find her work on :Nunet


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