Born and raised in Kalo Chorio, a village in the Cypriot countryside, Stalia is everything but a simple country girl. She is a gifted artist and possesses the most intimate connection to Mother Nature. Her divinity, wisdom and grace are the most present when she dances. Initially starting with belly dance, the goddess was constantly in search of something more thunderous, a dance style that would elevate her self-expression to a place of power and divinity. When she finally came across Rachel Brice’s performance of Tribal Fusion Dance, she felt the incendiary effect of the genre in her core. The young woman became overwhelmed with the irresistible need to move and to reclaim her confidence and her sacred femininity.

 “Tribal Fusion Dance is a very spiritual form of moving and connecting to one’s own body. It retains the basics of Belly Dance but it raises the performer to a position of self-mastery.” 

We went on a nature’s trail to take the photographs and while Stalia was performing, her movements were in tune with our surroundings; the river that serenely flows and the breeze, as if enchanted by her nonchalant and yet steady choreography. With dry flowers in her hair she moved like a snake, like Terpsichore in the freedom of wilderness.

“I am an artist who likes change and variation. I like to experiment with my body and different aspects of my personality. The monotony of specific dance genres makes me feel trapped and I simply lose the passion. Tribal Fusion opened doors to creativity for me. It’s a non-imposing and a very flexible genre. It’s a blend of different styles: Belly Dance, Flamenco, Hip-Hop, Kathak and anything you can think of. The performer is free to chose the music for every performance and the same goes for their outfit. I make my own clothing and complement it with antique jewellery. Slipping into different roles during my performances taught me how to appreciate and love myself as well as connect to my inner being.” 

Gracefully sexual, godly and in tune with every form of female deity, Stalia’s choreographies are spellbinding.


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