“There was too much feeling behind her hand that her pen began to bleed out on the page. But after every word the pain was soothed and she found comfort for her tears as the song continued. Indeed, she was smiling, while her eyes remained teary. She had all her fun singing off beat, out of tune and out of line. And she looked for bliss in the moment but all she found was…” ( “Hey Now” by Annetta Benzar )

Annetta is an experimental poet, a blogger and a natural storyteller. Inspired by her past, her homeland (which is Belarus) and by strangers, Annetta’s writings deal with topics such as cultural identity, memory and the different stages of womanhood. Like many post-soviet immigrants, Annetta finds herself floating between cultures that she cannot fully identify with and, in her writing, she keeps seeking that sense of home, a sense of belonging. 

With her hypnotising gaze Annetta is smart, outspoken and bold (especially in her writing). Her fiction takes everyday life to a whole new level, where as readers, we get to peek into the dark parts of Eastern European culture but also into the nostalgia of childhood. With her writing, the young woman wants to start a sort of dialogue. “If I write about something, it means that I am ready to talk about that specific issue. I want to connect with the reader and be on equal terms with them.”

Highly influenced by the work of Sylvia Plath, Christina Rossetti, Dostoevsky, Orwell and Woolf, Annetta believes in the power of her personal experiences that become the building blocks of her fiction (or non fiction in that case): “I’m still walking round my home turf, testing the waters and practicing my strokes for when I will be ready to dive in to the deeper end.”

The young woman is currently working on a collection of short stories narrated by different voices of Cyprus. Her work focuses on the intersections between race, gender and identity in the face of nationalism and the nation. Through the personal accounts of the periphery voices of the island, she is creating a new history of the island; the overlooked, the ignored and the silenced.

I-stories. My story. Your story. Our story.”



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