She goes by the name of RoT. Tuna when she is inking and Nightmare when she is moving to experimental hip-hop. If you ask me, Tonia is quite a badass when it comes to any of her talents. She got her first tattoo at the age of 14: “The guy didn’t even want to do it because it’s illegal. But I persuaded him that my parents won’t have a clue about the tattoo.” At the age of 17 Tonia moved to Heidelberg (Germany) where she met different tattoo artists who taught and inspired her so she started tattooing her own skin with the idea of maybe, someday, working as a tattoo artist.

After her apprenticeship with Kompi Tattoo in Cyprus, the idea of RoT.Tuna emerged and this is when Tonia’s career started. She now works in her own studio in Larnaca. The predominant colours of her studio as well as of her individual style are red and black. Obsessed with darkness, vampires and creepy things in general, Tonia likes to confront her fears and nightmares by including them in her life. She is terrified of spiders but makes sketches of them, by tattooing them on her skin and by keeping their carcasses in jars. Although fully Cypriot, Tonia doesn’t like the sun and has a vampire-like vibe.

People stare at me all the time, because I am so pale and yet covered in colourful ink. I sometimes like to avoid it and wear long-sleeved shirts when I go out, even in summer. But most of the time I just ignore it. My body is my canvas, my own artwork and it’s no one’s business. I am just leading a life I want to lead.

Later, the young woman wants to make a living out of tattooing but for now she is working hard, practicing and juggling different art forms.

Find her work here : Rot.Tuna

& Check out her sick dancing skills here:


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