Making the encounter with Manon a few years back, charged me with inquisition of her graceful and mysteriously dark personality that I previously only witnessed in the character of Morticia Addams. The French creatress’ passion is movement; the initiator of the flow of her Shakti energy. As a dancer and writer, Manon inherited a fascinating drive and quite an amount of determination from her mother who owns a dance school in Luxembourg. The young woman started dancing at the age of 5 and since then dancing, much like breathing, has become a necessity. “Besides our regular dancing classes, my sister and I were constantly dragged around dancing competitions. At that time, my mother was doing her degree as a dance instructor so we were part of everything that she was working for.”

It is not surprising that movement dictates Manon’s life. Since a very young age, she has been travelling around France, either living with her father or her mother and ultimately moving to Luxembourg to finish high school. In 2014 the dancer moved to Paris to pursue Comparative Literature studies at the University of Sorbonne. Alongside her studies, Manon continued to dance at the dancing company of the university and has also joined the company Pas à Pas, Corps à Corps.

When Manon is dancing, the audience becomes a witness of the very act of channeling sensuality, passion and love. “Dancing is a state of mind, a lifestyle that gives you the ability to perceive not only the delicacy of physical movement but also the fluidity of the body. I think that my passion has made me understand my body  and human’s relation to the earth and gravity. Dancing is grounding, literally! It’s all about the feet and how they carry me. They influence the dynamic of the expression that I, as a dancer am trying to convey to the audience.” 

Manon’s confidence and dynamical presence on stage made her win the competition of Paris Sorbonne twice already. The dancers were required to create a choreography which would be based on a topic assigned by the judges and perform it within a maximum time of 4 minutes. The thought of becoming a professional dancer has occurred to her in the past, however at the moment she prefers focusing on her studies that she’s equally in love with (She is about to begin her Master Degree in Hispanic Studies). Almost like a connection to the Divine, the act of dancing makes Manon transcend and dive into dimensions unknown to the naked eye.

“The feeling I have when I dance is very peculiar. I cannot fully express it in words. I lose my body, I transcend and just let my body move freely through space. The physical aspect of the body vanishes and my entire being becomes fluid, going beyond time and space. I sometimes manage to lose myself so deeply in dance that I lose my sense of identity.” 



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