To most people in Luxembourg, Nadia is known as the former owner of Camden Shop (which was probably the first vintage shop in the country). A few years back, on the couch of her shop, Nadia welcomed teenagers, skinheads and all of us recluses who needed a welcoming ear to hear our stories and provide some useful wisdom to soothe the chaos of our lives.

Besides that, what has always fascinated me about the rockstar with piercing eyes, is her helter-skelter approach to life. Nadia isn’t only a woman with a compassionate heart, she is also a traveller, a drummer, a guitar player, an actress, a djane (strictly as a hobby) and a beauty products guru who would’ve preferred having 72 hours in a 24-hour day in order to manage all that she wants to do in life.

Her first and biggest love has always been music. Most of her life she has lived in France and was raised in a big household of a half Algerian, half Moroccan family. Music has always been such a big part of her house that she can barely recall her first encounter with it. “I remember walking home from school and hearing the oriental notes of my mother’s Moroccan music looping down the streets. It was magical.” Her older sister who is a singer introduced Nadia to the world of communal music-making. From a young age, Nadia would watch her sister collaborate with hip-hop artists and create a very special atmosphere around youth centres and the streets of France. Later, Nadia managed to experience the same sort of connection between fellow musicians once she joined an all-guys punk band as a drummer.

“I loved hanging out with guys when I was younger! Guys are easy to get along with, have fun and do what we love to do; which is creating your own, unique style of music! However, later I wasn’t really sure whether guys were asking me to play in their bands because of my talent or if they had other intentions. That’s when I said fuck that and started a punk band with my female best friend who is a singer and a guitar player.”

Nadia goes with the flow when it comes to life and lately she has started learning guitar and jamming with her partner who is also a musician. “I love improvising when I play guitar. I like to come up with unique sounds and obviously because of my roots and my love for Moroccan music I somehow intuitively play ethnic tunes.”  She also makes and sells her own, organic beauty products. That craft she has acquired from her female ancestry; by watching her mother apply tomato peels on her skin and her grandmother using argan oil to keep her granddaughters’ hair healthy. Recently you might have seen Nadia and her friend mixing at the Rotondes and at Rocas, wildly dancing around and having fun to the beats of life. With her bohemian attitude, Nadia believes that people never stop growing, therefore we should all be open to new experiences and to people of all paths and ages.

“Life has so much to offer and we tend to take it for granted once we get older. I still hitchhike and do Air Bnb when I feel like discovering new landscapes! I don’t need this security that our society and education condition us to!”

Nadia doesn’t have a website yet but her facebook group is on fire and full of useful, natural recipes as well as homemade products. Check it out!!


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