The fierceness of her charm and eloquence makes Sandie vibe at the frequency of a badass witch. An old friend and a party companion from a distant past, Sandie has always slain the dance floor with her unique style and bright smile. The woman who goes by the nickname of Sunny Hell was born and raised in Luxembourg while her roots go all the way back to the Cape Vert.

As a child and teenager Sandie always struggled with communicating her thoughts and emotions, making her mother devastated but also driving her to look for alternatives. When her mother gave her a small colourful notebook, Sandie recalls that she’d discovered the hidden power of the written word: “My mother handed me the greatest weapon of all.” At that time she was 8 and made a vow to never put her pen down.

“Blank pages became something completely extraordinary to me, they transformed themselves into the mother that I never managed to express myself to, they were always open to listen and no judgment ever comes from a blank page. I discovered my lifelong therapy.”

Up until today, Sandie has written thoughts on our society and on love. Most of her texts sound like manifestos but Sunny Hell likes to experiment and engages in a lot of stream of consciousness sort of writing. “I like real stories, real ideas and real issues. When I write I address things that I have heard of or experienced myself.” 

The adventurous witch recently started working on a writing project that has been inspired by her own experience and her open-mindedness towards female sexuality. The project is based on real stories about sex, betrayal, promiscuity, modesty and anything that happens under the bed sheets of her female and male friends. Sandie’s aim is to defy the idea that female sexuality is a taboo topic. “Since satisfying your desires without being insulted should not only be a privilege men benefit from.”

She is gathering accounts from her closest friends, giving them a chance to take their tongue back from that cat and express themselves through their stories anonymously and without being judged.

“I got sick of people being ashamed of talking about sex and about pleasure and this inspired me to write a book full of anonymous stories that will make my audience feel less alone and perhaps make our close-minded society stop shaming women who explore their sexuality in ways they feel like.” 

Sandie’s work in progress is a true piece of feminist writing, a mutual empowerment that doesn’t only give the voice to a woman but instead also takes into consideration male’s perspectives that they rarely share amongst one another. When asked what her writing means to her and what her goal is, Sandie boldly smiles and says : “It’s about fighting the status quo, it’s about fighting against the labelling of the woman as a whore. It’s funny how people dare to call you a whore when you’re actually just a free-thinker.”



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