“To me, my body has been both something that helped me go forth and feel good about myself but it has also torn me down completely. I have always felt that I am as open with my writing as I am with my body and especially when it comes to talking about my body. There was obviously a time when this wasn’t what I wanted my body to look like, but it’s MINE and no one can take that away from me. I feel the same way about my writing: this is mine, this is ME and no one will ever take that away from me.”

She wears angel wings around her neck. This is my novel! My best friend gave me the necklace when I self-published Angelic Millennium at the age of 17.” A reminder of her success but also a reminder to keep on rising like a phoenix.

The Peruvian Creatress has a million facets to her. Unpredictable and mysterious while also bearing qualities of the Madhatter. Aless is confident when she speaks, strong and sensual but also incredibly sexy and smart.

“I was a child when I self-published, so it’s actually a piece of shit but it shaped me as a writer. It shaped me even as a person.”

While being a writer myself and having a stack of unfinished manuscripts, I was curious to hear what it actually feels like to have her own work out there and especially at such a young age.

I needed that, I needed to publish that novel! I hated the feeling of just sitting around and waiting for things to happen. I needed to have a manuscript with my name on it in order to give me the feeling of being closer to my goal as a professional writer.” 

Aless is currently reworking her original manuscript that she renamed Wings while completing her MFA in Creative Writing at Kingston University.
When I read her manuscript, I found it hard to assign it a specific genre. Aless’ writing brought me back to my childhood when I devoured every single Charmed book that I could find in the department store. The Creatress’ narrative drifts between real life and the world of angelic creatures. Her story follows a young woman who finds herself growing a pair of blue wings and sets on an adventure of learning how to navigate through the new world that she is now part of.

I know my writing is not going to win the Nobel Prize and you know what? I’m okay with that! I don’t write to get published anymore. I write because I want to create new worlds and I want to live in them! Literary people like critics, academics and writers of highbrow literature do not understand the need for escapism. They label young adult and fantasy fiction as lowbrow. But this is why we read! This is why we watch television and listen to music. We have this unconscious yearning to escape everyday life. We need to stop being ashamed of that and learn how to find the beauty in our own forms of escapism! Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso and Dali, they were all aware of escapism, just have a look at their paintings!”

When nothing in school interested her, the Creatress turned to writing. With her best friend in Peru, she would make up stories, do the drawings and write short prose.
“I found my passion in writing. This is the only place where I can enter the moment and be in the moment. In that zone you become everything. You merge with the environment, the characters enter your being and there is a certain beauty in putting your inner world on paper and then being guided by it.”

When asked about criticism and feedback, Alessandra shows a real professionalism. She emphasises the importance of critical, constructive feedback. As a writer, you need to know how people take in your work and how they react to it. “There is always something valuable to take from any form of feedback. However, it’s not a do or die situation, most of the time criticism is subjective. In the end you need to take into consideration that no one really knows what they’re doing.”



Like many of my Creatresses, Aless is a nomad at heart. Originally from Peru, she moved to Miami at the age of 10, just recently she lived in Paris and is now based in London.

“I’m actually going back to Peru in November for a bit. I am so excited! It’s going to be quite a challenge to re-discover my hometown. This is the only chance for me to travel back to my roots before I settle in Europe for good.”

We talked a lot about her sense of home. The Creatress left Peru at such a young age that she does not know how to feel about her native country. “Miami was kinda home but it was just a physical house that I knew I could go back to. I don’t really know if I ever had a home. I feel a sense of belonging when I hear the Peruvian Spanish though. When I’m in Peru I feel like I’m entering a different world to be honest. It’s like an out-of-body experience whenever I’m there. I feel the difference in people and their mentality. I’ve seen some of the crime that occurs on a daily basis there and it seems like you have to be constantly worrying about terror. It’s horrible to say, but this is the truth, it’s a different world from Europe. I love Peru but I won’t be able to raise my children there. I’ve always made my decisions based on the fact that I want children.”

Deeply in tune with her motherly instincts, Alessandra’s love for children is fascinating, making of her the coolest mother that she is yet to become.

“I’ve wanted a baby since the age of 11, literally! Giving birth to a child is important to me as a person and I feel like this is what defines ME as a woman. I am not saying that this is every woman’s purpose but it is a big part of mine. Bringing LIFE into this world is such an amazing thing, it’s magical. I keep thinking how incredible it is that we are able to create a living being with our own bodies and carry it. I want to experience that! Women who have given birth keep telling me that I am romanticising the whole processes and that I forget that with the beauty of giving birth also comes the pain of labour. I don’t care I want to feel it all!”

When I asked Alessandra how she wants to be presented in my photography, she yelled with excitement “Can we do nudes?!” To me personally, this was probably the most empowering and most beautiful session I have had so far. The Creatress’ confidence and comfort in front of the camera showed me a whole different side of the divine feminine.

“Nudity has always been a form of liberation to me. We tend to hide in our shells. By putting on layers of fabrics we construct our personas. While naked however, we tend to feel ashamed, uncomfortable and exposed. This is the most authentic you can be! Your true, naked self is behind those layers, why are you ashamed? I keep wondering.”

However, Aless’ confidence is not inherent. The Peruvian Goddess had to go through a lot of difficulties surrounding her body image in order to get where she is right now.

“I have always felt very open about my body and I was never ashamed of it. I am not saying it never caused me any problems. It did! I’ve been through so many hardships. I suffered of two eating disorders as a teenager and it’s still something I think about on a daily basis. I didn’t go into extremities and I am highly thankful for that, but I sort of dipped my toe into the ugliness of eating disorders. I needed to do a lot of soul-searching. I went through years of therapy that helped me reconnect with my body. I went to the root of the problem and I just stopped caring. It might sound simple but it wasn’t. I needed to understand where the insecurity around my body came from and accepted it. This is IT, I thought to myself, I’m sick of this shit and after making that decision I slowly started recovering. I guess I just stopped giving the outside world the power to control my body. Don’t get me wrong, it took A LOT for me to get here, a lot of therapy, a lot of frustration and a lot of nudes!

Aless’ self-therapy consists of taking naked self-portraits, which is a widely practiced technique that helps women fall in love with their body, clear blockages, explore themselves as sexual beings or simply enjoy and express gratitude to the bodies that they are gifted with in this lifetime. Empowering and strongly rewarding, I personally think that nude self-portraits are a must in every woman’s path of self-discovery.

“I just look at my own nudes and I’m like, GOD I’M SEXY! I know I am not skinny and my stomach is not flat but I’m totally fine with that. I am learning how to accept this. Taking photos of myself naked is so therapeutic. My curves are perfect and I want our society to just allow me to have my own body.”

Coming from an Eastern European country, where eating disorders are part of everyday life for most women, I could relate to most of things that we discussed with Alessandra. The pressure that comes from society and family members scars you for life.

“It all comes down to soul-searching in the end! You need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: is this who I am and who I want to be? You have to shed your parents’ expectations and stop paying attention to all that society is bombarding you with. Our society has this habit of breaking apart the woman into pieces and never seeing it as a whole, living being. Apparently we’re not women anymore, we are objects. Being told that our worth is based entirely on what we look like is not only wrong, but it’s also fucking stupid! At the end of the day you are the one living your life. When you’re young it’s hard to think that way but you have to DO YOU!”

Incredibly good at doing herself, the badass Latina does not take any shit from others. Fiery and engulfing, her beauty shines through every cell of her body while she is growing wings of her own.


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